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Along the horizontal top bar (or under the top striped icon on a smartphone), you will find various folders. All pictures in one folder, of which there will always be 12 in total, belong to one specific theme and will therefore be somewhat similar. 

I prefer not to overload my website with too many pictures, therefore new folders will regularly be added and the existing ones will be replaced over time. Please return at a later time also.

Personal interest

Since moving to Turkey, I have found my true inspiration in outdoor shoots. You have to deal with all kind of variables like the weather conditions and the situation on site, which are simply not present in a controlled studio environment. You also have to be very flexible and alert as everything can change rapidly.

The locations they have in Turkey are unbeatable. I would like to share this beauty with other photographers and invite those, who want to discover that country, to come and attend a workshop. More on this on another page of this website.  

Portrait photography also remains high on my list. It is often more difficult to capture a personal expression than the beauty of a human body. Portrait photography will probably always give me the greatest satisfaction.

One thing which I find important is variation in one's work. A photographer may have the nicest pictures but, if these are always similar, it is difficult for me to follow that photographer. I must admit here that all pictures within one gallery on my website are variations on a specific theme and will therefore all be rather similar, but I hope that you will find sufficient variation in between the galleries themselves.

Below follows a selection of memorable models I had the occasion to work with several times during the last years and whom I would like to credit here. Thanks for all those shoots, it was always interesting and fun to work with you.


Natalia Igla

Joy Lamore

Marina Nelson 

Jennifer Polska

Katia Martin

Ilvy Kokomo


Sofi Ka

Anastasiia Poranko

Alena Laki

Céline Germain

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