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Personal interest

Since moving to Turkey, I have found real inspiration in outdoor shoots. You have to deal with different weather conditions and a changing situation on site, variables which are simply not present in a controlled studio environment.

Portrait photography will always remain high on my list too and will continue to give me the greatest professional satisfaction. A personality is more difficult to capture on photo than the beauty of a human body.


Below follows a small selection of truly great models I had the occasion to work with many times during the last years and whom I would like to credit here. I consider most of my best work to have been made in collaboration with these personalities. They all have an original approach to their work and add so much to a shoot. Thanks for all those times we have worked together, it was always interesting, rewarding, costly and fun.

Minh-Ly (CA)

Natalia Igla (PL)

Joanna Lattimore (ES)

Marina Nelson  (UA)

Jennifer Polska (FR)

Katia Martin (FR)

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