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You have the option of going directly to the COLOUR or B/W photos. There is only a limited selection of 6 pictures in most of the galleries . These are centered around one specific theme and will therefore all be somewhat similar.

I've also included a non-model gallery, DISCOVERY, which contains various other topics.

New galleries will replace older ones, existing ones will be modified, and others might disappear altogether, so please do return at a later time also. All suggestions and feedback are welcome. Thanks for visiting !

Personal interest

There is real inspiration to be found in outdoor shoots. You have to deal with different weather conditions and a changing situation on site, variables which are simply not present in a controlled studio environment. Portrait photography however will always give me the greatest professional satisfaction. A personality is much more difficult to capture on photo than the beauty of a human body and is probably also a more intimate process.

Model collaborations

Underneath the last picture of each gallery, when the model can be identified, her name is listed. Following are the names of (nearly) all models, in alphabetic order, with whom I have been working over the last few years.

Alena Laki, Aline Sophie Lettner, Alissa, Amedea, Ananke, Nastia Poranko, Anetta Keyes, Angelina Petrova, Ash Lizzies, Ava Lacour, Céline Germain, Céline Russo, Chiara Bianchino, Clémentine Poulain, Denisa Strakova, Domini Jandl, Dominika Kissova, Draco Nobilis, Ely Von Kernen, Faith Starr, Gemma Huh, Ilvy Kokomo, Jennifer Polska, Jennyfer Cassan, Joanna Lattimore, Kate Kasyanova, Katia Martin, Kitrysha, Kristina Uhrinová, Lëya Smith, Luna Lopez, Manya Muse, Marina Nelson, Massilia Pfeiffer, Minh-ly, Morgana Fata, Natalia Igla, Ngà Dao, Nikolart, Nina Taylor Brown, Olga Kaminska, Olga Rud, Olga-Maria Veide, Renée Van Osta, Sadie von Paris, Sloane VDC, Sofi Ka, Terez Kocová, Tereza Stupková, Vesta Borisova, Viktoria Yarovaya

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