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You will find an extremely large number of galleries here but nearly each one contains only a limited selection of 6 pictures. These pictures are centered around one specific theme and will therefore all be somewhat similar. I try to bring as much variety as possible in my work, there are pictures in colour or black/white, pictures taken outdoors or in studio, close-up or full-body shots. Don't feel obliged to go through all the galleries at once, just select on the *overview* page what you would like to see. On a regular basis, new galleries will be added, existing ones will be modified,  and others might disappear altogether, so please do return at a later time also if you want to follow me. If you don't want to do that, that's also fine with me, I have given up the chase for likes and followers. But as you appear to be here now, thanks for visiting !

Personal interest

There is real inspiration to be found in outdoor shoots. You have to deal with different weather conditions and a changing situation on site, variables which are simply not present in a controlled studio environment.

Portrait photography will always remain high on my list and will continue to give me the greatest professional satisfaction. A personality is more difficult to capture on photo than the beauty of a human body.


Below follows a small selection of truly great professional models I had the occasion to work with many times during the last years and whom I would like to credit here. I consider most of my best work to have been made in collaboration with these personalities. They all have an original approach to their work and, on a good day, bring much to a shoot. Thanks for all those times we have worked together, it was always interesting, rewarding, costly and fun.

Should any professional model be interested to come and shoot, please drop me a line and we can discuss the modalities. I am also interested to organise workshops for a limited group of photographers (between 2 and 4). These workshops are best spread over 5 days and can be tailored to fully meet the expectations of the participants (choice of models and locations).

Minh-Ly (CA)

Natalia Igla (PL)

Joanna Lattimore (ES)

Marina Nelson  (UA)

Jennifer Polska (FR)

Katia Martin (FR)

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