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Personal interest

Since moving to Turkey, I have found my true inspiration in outdoor shoots. You have to deal with all kind of variables, e.g. the weather conditions and the situation on site, which are simply not present in a controlled studio environment. You also have to be very flexible and alert as everything can change rapidly.

Portrait photography also remains high on my priority list. It is often more difficult to capture a typical expression than the beauty of a human body.

Below follows a selection of models I have had the occasion to work with over the last 3 years.


Sofi Ka

Joy Lamore

Marina Nelson 

Angelina Petrova

Katia Martin

Natalia Igla

Alena Laki

Ilvy Kokomo

Nga Dao

Gemma Huh

Céline Germain

Aline Sophie Lettner

Viktoria Yarovaya 

Matea Petrovic

Nastia Poranko

Anetta Keys

Domini Jandl

Jennifer Polska


Kate Kasyanova


Denisa Strakova

Clementine Poulain

Olga Kaminska


Olga Rud 

Dominika Kissova

Ely Von Kernen

Faith Starr

Kateřina Kopcová

Massilia Pfeiffer

Renée Van Osta

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