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Frank Verbreyt is an emerging artist focusing on digital and model photography, currently based in Side, Turkey.

As a photographer, he creates work for visual enjoyment that highlights the beauty in nature and the human body. His preferred photographic equipment is a Canon 5D with 85, 100macro, 15-30, 24-105, and 100-400mm lenses.

Frank Verbreyt grew up in Flanders, Belgium where he also received three university degrees. It was not until 2015 that he became involved in model photography and pursued it as an additional occupation. His initial involvement started “accidentally,” and would eventually turn into a near full-time activity for him. However, Frank had always been interested in photography from childhood.

In 2018, he relocated to the south coast of Turkey, where his current location allows him to explore the country’s archeological and natural sites. His nude photography often finds inspiration from his natural surroundings. Furthermore, the magnificent scenery allows him to highlight the beauty of the nude form.

Over the years Frank Verbreyt steadily developed and grew his craft by having multiple shoots in rented studios. Though he started shooting indoors, he quickly changed to working outside. As a photographer, he enjoys shooting in nature and often finds himself being influenced by the many variables present—such as unpredictable and varied weather conditions—that a controlled indoor studio environment cannot replicate. For example, one of his favourite locations is a huge salt lake located in Turkey with ever changing weather conditions. However, shooting outdoors brings its challenges, often facing obstacles when creating his nude art outdoor photo shoots in a muslim country. Aware that public nudity is not always welcomed, he believes it is important to capture his artistic vision out in the open, but also indoors in studio conditions.

Frank Verbreyt strives to achieve complex storytelling through his images. The creation of nude portraiture brings out the unique personality of a model. His images highlight the aesthetics of the naked female body, often juxtaposed against vast and ethereal landscape scenes.

Though Verbreyt considers himself an emerging photographer, his images Sunset Ballet and Dreaming Light, were a freedom category finalist in the 2019 Nude Photo Shoot Awards. In addition, his participation in several photography workshops allows him to further develop his techniques and continue learning about his craft. Attending workshops gave him the opportunity to learn from award-winning visual artist and Austrian photographer, Joachim Bergauer.

Frank Verbreyt’s future aspirations are to continue creating nude art and doing more and more landscape photography, Turkey lends itself beautifully for that.

  • 2019 Nude Photo Shoot Awards - 2 x finalist
  • 2019 Art Provocateur Gallery Toronto - exhibition
  • 2020 ND Awards - 2 honorable mentions
  • 2021 Nude Photo Shoot Awards - Silver finalist and finalist

2x finalist with Sky, water and salt

Model: Joy Lamore

Fine Art - Nudes: "Palace splendour"

  • (Single) id 20/35899
  •  Entry description: Nighttime shoot in the palace of justice in Brussels
  • model Joanna Lattimore

Fine Art - Conceptual: "Stigmata"

  • (Single) id 20/35900
  •  Entry description: Single photo, not a composite
  • model Minh-Ly

Category Maternity:

Silver finalist

Model: Natalia Igla

Category Academic nude:


Model: Minh-Ly

Fine Art - Nudes: "Cut out"

  • Honorable Mention
  • (Series, Non-Professional) id 21/54825
  • model Minh-Ly

Fine Art: Conceptual category: "Hidden by light"

  • Honorable Mention
  • (Series, Non-Professional) id 21/54826
  • model Minh-Ly

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