For sale:

If you would like to acquire some of my work, there are 3 options.

1/ A book with a selection of 50 photos is ready and can be printed if there are sufficient pre-orders. The book you see on the picture below is a mock-up for personal use. High quality paper 250g. The price will depend upon the exact number of printed copies but will approximately be 85€ + p&p.

Book size 37,5 x 22,5 cm / Photo size 29 x 19,5 cm

2/ A selection of 6 laser prints of the pictures published on my website in A3 format. Price is 60€ + p&p.

3/ A selection of 100 pictures on postcard format can be ordered per set of 10 cards of your choice. Each card also lists my contact details. Price for one set is 15€ + p&p.

Postcard size 18 x 11 cm

Click on the picture to see the included pictures.

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