About me

I have been practising model photography on an amateur basis since approximately 3 years. It started quite "accidentally" by attending a workshop and continued from there on. It was a steady progression until there were shoots with several professional models, sometimes combined with the rental of a studio. It was a choice from the beginning to work almost exclusively with professional models, seldom on a TFP basis. Recently I relocated to the south coast of Turkey, a wonderful place, and especially suitable for outdoor shoots. If any professional model should be interested to shoot there, feel free to contact me.

Ordering prints

Most of the pictures can be ordered, printed on high-quality paper or any other material, of any size. To that purpose, I work with a professional laboratory in Brussels that will prepare and ship directly (price upon request).


I would appreciate receiving feedback from the viewers, the contact form can be used for that purpose. What is to your liking, what is not and how do you think the site could be improved? I would also be glad to pass on any details of the models as I didn't list their names, just the cities in which they reside.

From here

I publish almost daily on www.500px.com/frank_verbreyt, you are welcome to follow me there. There are none of my photos on Facebook, due to the very low resolution of the pictures but especially because of their very restrictive publishing guidelines which no longer makes it artistically interesting. On Instagram, there is a very small selection of portraits (@verbreyt). But for now, please enjoy your visit. Have fun because that is what photography should be all about.

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