About me

I have been practising model photography since over 3 years now. It started quite "accidentally" by attending a first workshop, in August 2015 to be precise. It was a steady progression until there were photoshoots with several professional models on the same shoot, sometimes combined with the rental of a studio. It was a choice from the beginning to work almost exclusively with professional models, not with TFP models who pose in exchange for the pictures.

Since the beginning of 2018, I live on the south coast of Turkey. This is such an amazing country with so many fabulous sites, natural as well as historical, and it is very suitable for outdoors photography. There are many examples to illustrate this on my website. The immense salt lake with the ever changing meteorological conditions is still one of my favourite locations to date. You are most welcome to come and shoot at these locations on one of the workshops.

Ordering prints

Most of the pictures can be ordered, printed on high-quality paper, forex, dibond, dibond/plexi or plexi/plexi, of any desired size. To that purpose, I work with a professional photo lab in Brussels which will prepare the print and ship it directly to your home (price upon request).

Additionally, the New York online Art Provocateur Gallery also sells and distributes limited series of my work.


From here

I publish almost daily on 500px where you are very welcome to follow me.


There are none of my photos on Facebook, not only due to the very low resolution of the pictures but especially because of their restrictive guidelines which no longer make it artistically worthwhile. Much has been debated about this, the approach of the likes of Facebook and Instagram towards nudeart is not always logical either. 

On Instagram, there are also practically none of my pictures for the same reasons, it is just not interesting anymore. It may be a good forum for communication but not for publishing purposes. At one time, the artistic photo "umbrella jump on the lake" (the last one in the SALT series) was withdrawn from Instagram one day after it had been posted although it had absolutely no adult content.

On Behance, another high-quality website, you can also find a few of my pictures although 500px still remains my favourite medium at the moment.


I decided to do far less model shoots now (but instead they are spread over several days) and to work almost exclusively with models I already know. I prefer artistic nudeart by far and am not interested in glamour photography as there is so little variation in it. These glamour models are mainly shot in lingerie and soft light, repeating the same poses over and over again.

I want to thank the few photographers and models (you know who you are) with whom I can discuss openly about our pictures. I appreciate it especially as this is for me the only way to make progression. Photography is a very personal form of art expression and any form of friendly meant comment is all too often seen as harsh criticism.

Several viewers on 500px told me they found my pictures inspirational. This is one of the main reasons for continuing to publish. Another one is that, through photography, you come into contact with many interesting persons you would otherwise never have met.

Hopefully you enjoyed your visit because that is what photography should be all about, visual enjoyment.

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