About me

I have been practising model photography on an amateur basis since 3 years now. It started quite "accidentally" by attending a workshop, in August 2015 to be precise. It was a steady progression until there were shoots with several professional models, often combined with a studio rental. It was a choice from the beginning to work almost exclusively with professional models, hardly ever with TFP models.

At the beginning of 2018, I relocated to the south coast of Turkey, an amazing country with many archeological and natural sites, especially suitable for outdoor shoots.

Ordering prints

Most of the pictures can be ordered, printed on high-quality paper, forex, dibond, dibond/plexi or plexi/plexi, of any desired size. To that purpose, I work with a professional photo lab in Brussels which will prepare the print and ship it directly to your home (price upon request).

From here

I publish almost daily on www.500px.com/frank_verbreyt, you are welcome to follow me there. There are none of my photos on Facebook, due to the very low resolution of the pictures but especially because of their very restrictive publishing guidelines which no longer make it artistically interesting. On Instagram as @verbreyt, I stopped again posting any of my pictures, it is just not interesting anymore. I'm also on Behance, another high-quality website for photography.

I decided to do far less model shoots now and will work almost exclusively with models I already know. In this business, I have had it with models who see only their own point of view and do not care about making artistic pictures as those does not sell. Glamour photography is boring for me as there is so little variation in it.

I want to thank the few photographers (you know who you are) with whom I can discuss openly about our pictures. I appreciate it especially as this is the only way to move forward. Photography is a very personal form of art expression and any form of comment you make to the others is often seen as criticism.

I hope you enjoyed your visit because that is what photography should all be about, visual enjoyment.

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