Models who will participate on the various workshops:
- Joy Lamore
- Minh-Ly
- Natalia Igla
- Lucy.artmodel
- Miluniel
- Itziar (petite.mort.03)


10 March - 16 March
*Joy Lamore
*Itziar (petite.mort.03)

28 April - 4 May:
*Natalia Igla

16 June - 22 June:
*models to be confirmed

28 August - 4 September (different weekday planning):
*Joy Lamore

Open to amateurs as well as experienced photographers.

The program is flexible. If people have good suggestions, these can be taken into account.

The price, calculated on the basis of 4 photographers and 2 models, is 2.400€.

What is included:
- model posing
- boarding in single rooms, except in Göreme
- all meals
- transportation

What is not included:
- flights
- visum
- eventual private shoots

Upon booking, a deposit of 40% will be asked for. The plan is to organise for 4 photographers and 2 models but the ratio can also be 6/3 or even 3/3.

Mainly outdoor shoots, fashion and nudeart, less glamour.

There will be on average 5 hours of shooting time per day, except on those days with a longer driving time (Thursday and Friday). If, however, suitable locations are discovered on the way, we may stop there for a shooting also.

It is only worthwhile to visit the salt lake between June and October. During other months, the conditions are simply not right, only grey colours and mud.

⦁ Arrival at Antalya airport, we move to Side, the home base, 60 kms to the east
⦁ Getting acquainted over an evening meal
⦁ Guidelines and discussion of the week program

⦁ Termessos, 1,5 hour drive
⦁ Old pamphylian city amongst gorgeous hills, destroyed by an earthquake. The city is left as it was, there is no reconstruction which only adds to the wild beauty of the city. There is a unique and magnificent large amphitheatre at the top, overlooking the valley.

⦁ Waterfalls (Ucansu selalesi), 1,5 hour drive
⦁ If we make an early start, we can still climb on top of Sillyon rock on the way back. The history goes that Termessos and Sillyon were the only 2 places in Turkey that Alexander the Great was never able to conquer.

⦁ In comparison to the 2 previous days, this day will be more relaxed. There are two locations in the nearby area to be visited.
⦁ Old abandoned concrete houses in Kizilagac, 20 minutes drive. In fact, these have never been inhabited.
⦁ Seleukeia, 20 minutes drive. Deserted city in the forest, close by at 30 minutes. Magnificent and peaceful place in the evening light.

⦁ Long way ahead to the salt lake (Tuz gölü), a 5 hour drive
⦁ The salt lake is one of the strangest and most amazing places I've seen so far. It could be the north pole out there. Also, the conditions have been different at each of my visits.
⦁ After two more hours driving, check-in at a cave hotel in Göreme. This is the heart of Cappadocia. Rooms will be shared here.

⦁ Early morning rise for a shoot with the balloons in the background. There can be more than 100 balloons in the air at the same time. Poetic scenery.
⦁ Who wishes to do so, can also go for a balloon flight, overflying the valleys around. Prices vary between 140-170€ (not included in the package).
⦁ Soganli, at a 1 hour drive from Göreme. Cave churches with amazing light.
⦁ Long drive back to Side, arrival at night

Last breakfast together, check-out and return back home

Partners of the photographers can also join at the reduced price of 1,680€ (discount of 30%)). 

Separate visits to Side, Antalya, Alanya, Perge, Aspendos can be arranged should they wish so, the south coast has much to offer.

If participants would like to stay on for holiday purposes, this is perfectly possible and I can help with the booking.

2x Bowens Gemini GM400Rx, 1x stripbox 25x150 cm and 1x octabox 110 cm, snoot, gobo, honeycomb 20cm, coloured gels and props are available if people would like to shoot in studio conditions in the evening. Shoot to be directly arranged with the model on an individual basis, fee not included in the package.

⦁ Rocks at Göndogdu
⦁ Tunnel at Oymapinar
⦁ Pier at Manavgat
⦁ Beach shoot
⦁ Ihlara valley
⦁ Pixelstick light-painting possibility

If you would like more information, there is a contact form on this website or you can write me directly at Hope to see you on one of the workshops.

PS: Below some examples of pictures, all taken in Turkey on the locations we will visit.

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